In a disrupted market, nothing stands still. The ground is always shifting underneath you. With no clear and stable path to rely on, you have to develop the ability to quickly map a rapidly changing landscape. The brands that thrive are the first to see yesterday’s destination sliding away, and to move toward tomorrow’s emerging opportunity. Continuously assessing and analyzing on the move, you can take advantage of each shift and realignment, and get where you want to go.

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Your Customer Is
Your Medium

There was a time when brands were like barkers hawking their goods to a crowd. Bright colors and glitzy images vied for our attention along public roadways and in the private spaces between magazine covers. Slogans sing-songed from radio and TV boxes. The sweet dissatisfaction of aspiration resolved magically into branded bliss. The bells chimed, the whistles whirred, on and on the palaver pattered. The guy with the best pitch won, at least until some other guy with some other pitch came along to take it all away.

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Customers wander around enwrapped in their own worlds. You want to take them on a journey to a purchase. You have to get inside their worlds, and create the experiences that become that journey. Craft each touch point into a demonstration, every interaction into a type of trial. Express your brand, engage their emotions, fulfill the brand’s purpose, and the experiences you create become an environment rich with paths to purchase.

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Your Brand Is A Living Thing

It lives, grows, thrives or dies in an environment. While it has to be adaptive, it can’t be infinitely malleable. Its DNA is a set of core principles that define its purpose -- its role in the environment. So, while it’s tempting to shape shift in response to the latest social influences and cultural trends, it’s better to find out how this brand works best in this environment, and evolve it into something that plays its role better than it ever did.

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To connect in this noisy world, you can’t be just another guy on a street corner with a megaphone. You want to be the person at the party who everyone wants to talk to. Our job is to find the party, get you in the door, and give you something to say.

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